Year End Wrap Up Bundle
Year End Wrap Up Bundle
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Year End Wrap Up Bundle

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Grab our year end wrap up bundle and make sure your team is ready to take on the new year with you!



Year End Checklist

Our year-end checklist is a comprehensive list of tasks and activities that small businesses undertake to wrap up the current year and prepare for the upcoming one.

The specific items on the checklist may vary depending on the context, but here's a general outline that can be adapted for personal or business use.

Best completed with a Hallmark Christmas movie on in the background.


Year End Wrap Up Meeting Agenda


This year-end meeting agenda is designed to promote reflection, celebration, and team bonding. It combines moments of professional reflection with interactive and fun activities to strengthen the sense of camaraderie within the team.

We encourage a snack or a cocktail while reflecting with the team, because not all meetings can be emails.